Tuck & Cover Updo – Stey By Step

Tuck and Cover is one of the hottest hairstyles right now.

It is really easy to do and all you need is a stretchy headband.

Step 1: Begin by sliding on a stretchy headband to hold back the front part of your hair.

Step 2: Next, place a second headband over the top of your head and slightly onto your forehead; this is what will hold the hair as it’s tucked.

Step 3: Starting on the left side of the head, grab a 1-1 ½” inch section of hair and roll it up to the headband and tuck it into the band and pulling it tight so the ends stick out.

Step 4: Then pick up a 1” section and combine it with the tail of the previously tucked strands and roll it up and into the headband. Again, pulling the strand tight and letting the tail stick out.
Note: Pieces of hair will loosen and fall down. Just pull them back up and retuck them into the band pulling the ends tight.

Step 5: Continue this method of adding in hair to the tails of the previously tucked strands until you’ve tucked in all the hair.

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Step 6: To finish, slide the hairband back slightly over your hair, like a headband, until it falls over the top of the first headband and hides it.
*It can also be helpful to tuck in a strand on the right and then a strand on the left, working your way towards the middle of your head.

Overall, all of your hair should be wrapped up and then tucked into the band. If any tails or flyaways slip out just wrap and retuck them. If any of them are too short to reach, hide them within the loops. Finish with hairspray.

Also, this will work best on day two or three hair or with some added product that’ll give the hair some grip. If the hair is too “clean” it’ll easily slip out of the band.

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Tuck & Cover Updo – Stey By Step