Styles Of Men’s Winter Fashion 2018

  For the fashion forward thinking men around the world, this article is for you. We are going to take a look at the hottest new looks strutting down the runway in this season’s major fashion shows. From Esquire’s perspective to GQ’s; the new styles all lean in an eye-catching, cozy direction with a few surprises.

  If you are looking for a snazzy suit, you will want to have a nice assortment of pleated trousers. Blue is the color of the season, from rich royal blues, to classic navy blue, a slim fitting well-tailored pair of slacks is a must have. Of course, classic base colors like camel, chocolate and grey are a staple for any wardrobe. No longer is it necessary to have the slacks rest on the shoes, short is the look for 2018.

  For the upper half, lapels are back. Blazers with a double-breasted lapel are a big trend this season. One of the most note-worthy trends is somewhat shocking. A striped tie, with a patterned button up shirt is no longer taboo; in fact it is all the rage. Layers of plaid and geometric patterns, combined with understated colors such as grey, neutral and taupe, it is a sign of a fashion conscientious man this winter. Another hot look for the torso is loose knit, texture rich and lived-in look is hot, and warm too. Cozy sweaters with elbow patches are a winner as well.

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  For a more relaxed and casual look, a trending new flair is emerging. A sturdy pair of unlaced hiking boots paired with casual, loose-fitting pants is big. Pair this casual look with one of the above mentioned sweaters with elbow patches and you’ll look hip and relaxed.

  Now that the body is covered and stylish let’s talk accessories and outerwear. Scarves are the perfect accessory for the office or the ski lodge this season. Keeping with the colors of your outfit, feel free to spice up the look with patterns and bold colors. If you’re going with a neutral color scheme of camel and chocolate, try a bold burnt sienna scarf with a pattern. Think texture as you make your selection though and don’t forget this season it’s OK to mix and match the various textures within your ensemble. Along with your scarf, you’ll most assuredly want a well-fitting pair of leather gloves and a proper overcoat. Your overcoat should play well with both your casual and dress attire, to achieve this we recommend wool, cashmere or camel-hair and have it hang just above the knee, to assure you’re still achieving that modern look.

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5 Gorgeous Mermaid Hair Ideas

Styles Of Men’s Winter Fashion 2018