How to Use Activated Charcoal to Heal Eczema

Eczema… One of those dreaded words. Somewhere like 20% of kids today suffer from that dreaded word. Twenty percent is a pretty big chunk of kids. That is a number that has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, and it’s really no wonder. Kids today face more vaccines, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, chemically raised and genetically modified foods and all around synthetic ingredients than any other generation ever. So the rising number of eczema among many other illnesses is not surprising, but what really can we do about it? Would you believe me if I said you can learn how to get rid of eczema naturally? And it’s not even hard or complicated?

My daughter is the kind of kid who had a classic case of eczema. You know the kid who has super sensitive skin, or so it seemed. If anyone with a strong perfume would hold her as a baby her skin would turn red, and soon dry out and look very irritated. Lotions always seemed to make things worse. Then of course all the kid “fun” shampoo’s or body washes were off-limits with the excessive fragrances. Sugar, preservatives and over all junk food would cause her skin to get worse. It can be tough to be the mom who is trying to tell everyone please don’t give that ‘fill in the blank’, to my kid. It’s really hard on her. I usually get a roll of the eyes from extended family, like I made up the fact her skin was in such bad condition.

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For many people reducing or eliminating gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs or other allergy prone foods can help. However it can be difficult to monitor all of those items everywhere they go. The truth is our skin is like the dash-board on our car, it gives us signals when something is going wrong. When our skin is acting up that is a clue that something internally is off.

In the process to look for a detoxing solution suitable for young children I began to try activated charcoal. More specifically charcoal baths, black baths, we call them. It may sound crazy, but it works!

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How to Use Activated Charcoal to Heal Eczema