How to Travel in Luxury on $50 a Day

It is best to book your flights in advance in order to save money. You will minus this price from your budget. You will also deduct a certain amount for food and traveling like bus fair or taxi services. Remember, biking is not only healthy, it is a cheap way to get around should you chose to travel somewhere that you are able to use a bike. However, here are ways to help you get the best price on your airlines tickets or traveling over all.

Airline Tickets
Plan your trip in advance and visit the discount websites to compare deals. You may have to pay a very small fee; however, it is definitely worth the save on your overall budget. It is suggested to use a Travelocity Promo Code.

Connecting Flights
Yes, connecting flights may not be fun; however, when you do use connecting flights it can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Traveling Light
If you have more than one bag, the airline may charge you. Besides, you are going to be taking one backpack, which is covered in another chapter. This should not be an issue for you.

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Look for Round Trip Tickets
Even though you may not want to come back as fast as the tickets state, some round tickets are cheaper than tickets that are one way. Therefore, it will save you money by purchasing a round trip and not using the return ticket.

Traveling to Two Nations
If you plan to stay in two different countries and the airline makes you change planes on the two countries already, then you may be able to take advantage of this. Check the price of the flights and see if there is a way to stay for a few days in that country before the next fight. Often times the airline will offer the pause between flights for the same price.

After Tickets
Once you have booked and paid for your flights, it is time to deduct that from your budget. This will then show you what you have left for food and other aspects of your travel ventures.

Other Traveling Options
Besides airplanes, there are other options of traveling or traveling once you have landed where you need to be. Here is a list of traveling options that will cost very little.

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Metros, Rails, or Subways
There are tickets available that are reusable. Check the city’s website to check into passes. There are passes that can last from one day all the way up to a full week, and they are typically unlimited. It will depend on how much you plan on traveling through the city. If you are traveling a lot, it may be worth purchasing a pass.

Night Trains and Flights
If you opt to travel by train, then traveling at night it typically a lot cheaper. Check the prices and see where you are able to save money. Traveling at night will also make it worth it due to not needing nightly accommodations. You will be able to sleep on the train or the plane.

Slower Transportation
Normally slower transportation is cheaper than faster transportation. For example, take a bus instead of a plane. Make sure to book a ride at night so that you can get a good nap or full night sleep and save on that night’s accommodations.

Public Transportation
Tourists normally use taxi services; however, this can be expensive. Opt for the public transportation that is available. You are able to find a bus depot where they can provide bus schedules and pricing. Again, here is another transportation where you can purchase a pass to save money.

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Normally the cost of gas for your car is cheaper than purchasing an airline ticket. However, you will need to make sure that you car is in tiptop shape. You will not be able to afford to fix a major issue with your car should it break down in the middle of your venture. This is the main reason why people normally just use public transportation options when traveling all over.

I hope this was able to help you to plan your traveling venture, whether it is in another state or another country. Finally, if you enjoyed this article, please take the time to share your thoughts in the comment section below, also don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media platforms.

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How to Travel in Luxury on $50 a Day