Two young people tourists hitchhiking along a road.


Hitchhiking : Rules and Safety

In most countries of the world, the hitchhiking is very safe. In the US, Europe and Asia, there is almost no danger in getting into the car to an unknown person. In South America this is worse, especially in Brazil. There we strongly do not recommend hitchhiking, although we know that many practice. The most dangerous option is if you are a lonely beautiful girl. Although under such conditions, many travel successfully. The best option is to travel together. If you are three, most drivers simply will not be able to accommodate you in their car. Hitchhiking in something akin to couchsurfing. The main principle here and there is trust. The driver is also at risk, picking up on the road a stranger. On the Internet, of course, there are different stories. But serious problems in hitchhiking are exceptions, because Thousands of people go out daily to the trails and live the philosophy of hitchhiking.
The most important thing is to trust your intuition and listen to it in every possible way. If the car stops before you, the driver opens the door and offers a ride, but you feel that you do not want to sit down – do not sit down! Will come next!

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Hitchhiking Tricks
1. At large gas stations in Europe, you can search for truckers from the Baltics. They all speak Russian, so it’s easy to agree with them. Also, if you, for example, know Polish, you can search the Poles. Having spoken to them in their own language, you secure a place in their car. John once the Poles-truckers transplanted to each other from the car into the car, until they drove to the city he needed!
2. When you stand on the road and catch the car, try to look not just at the car, but in the driver’s eyes, establish eye contact. In this case, of course, smiling. It’s better if you do not have sunglasses. Usually drivers of passing cars communicate with hitchhikers – waving, smiling, nodding, holding hands, showing “class”, shrugging their shoulders – all this is the case if they go to the wrong place that is written on your plate. This kind of communication is very encouraging and uplifting! Note that if all drivers show you the same thing, for example, turning – this means that you have unsuccessfully chosen a seat.
3. If you believe in the power of thought, use visualization. John and I often do that. We repeat aloud positive phrases, we represent who will take us and on what machine, we see in EACH machine the person who will stop us. For us it works!
4. In any situation, keep a positive attitude, and never give up!

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Fundamental rules
• Most of the hitchhikers stand with their thumbs up, not just with an outstretched hand. This is the tradition and cultural basis of hitchhiking. Nevertheless, if you are visiting exotic countries, make sure that this gesture does not mean there is something unexpected for you.
• Hitch-hiker is one continuous positive and optimistic! Be sure to stand on the road with a smile, let the drivers understand that you are a joyful traveler and a pleasant conversationalist.
• Hitchhiker must be neat, clean and adequate. Nobody goes to the track after drinking or in some other strange form. This disrespect for yourself and the driver.
• I think it’s obvious for everyone, but I’ll say it again. The hitch does not sleep in the car and does not listen to music – he actively communicates with the driver, for in this communication there is a sense of hitchhiking! Of course, if you are traveling with the same driver for 8 hours, you can take a nap, but more often it happens that on the way to the right place you change drivers every 2-3 hours (200-300 km).
• While in company with the driver, observe the generally accepted
rules of communication: do not swear at mate, do not interrupt, ask permission to smoke or open a window and so on.

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