Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In 2018

Every year millions of beautiful couples look for the best honeymoon destinations. Browse top beach, romantic, exotic, adventurous honeymoon ideas. Look at the best honeymoon spots in US, Hawaii, Bali, Maldives, Bora Bora, Paris, Venice, and etc. We have tried to consider all possible preferences in our list. Make your honeymoon unforgettable!

Pink Salt Lake, Western Australia

Do you want to see something that you have never seen before?  Lake Hillier, located on the island of Middle (Middle, Western Australia) – a unique natural phenomenon. Bird’s-eye view of the lake offering breathtaking views. Enjoy the boat trip and take some gorgeous shots. And yes, the water is really pink. Furthermore, it’s extremely salty. You can take a piece of pink salt as a souvenir.




Sri Lanka

Let us offer you a unique honeymoon destination – Sri Lanka. You can ride an elephant and even feed it. Visit tea plantations and tea factory. Visit the most impressive place  – Temple of the Tooth and leave flowers garland. See the “Golden Cave Temple” Dambulla and enjoy the beautiful landscape.



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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This is an incredible honeymoon spot. Water has a beautiful blue color. Its composition is unique: it is healing and bacterias don’t live here. The water temperature + 37 + 40 is constant throughout the year. If you swim at night, the water will shine. Incredible views and romaic ambiance, that you will get!




Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay honeymoon – is one of the best honeymoon islands in the world. The water is clear and turquoise. Coral sands on the beaches are pure white. And the best part is that even during the strongest heat they won’t get hot, so you can easily lie and relax. Clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops are located directly on the beach.




Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the most majestic and grand structure of Southeast Asia. You can enjoy a walk and the atmosphere of ancient Angkor. If you are going to watch the amazing sunrise, you should better be near the lake in the temple of Angkor Wat. You can take a tuk-tuk and explore all the temples of the complex. Put it to the honeymoon ideas list, it definitely deserves to be mentioned.

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Aruba, Netherlands

Aruba is one of the most luxurious honeymoon places in the world. Diving is a great opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean. And the Aruba is the perfect place for diving! Take into account that the famous cave complex Gvadirikiri is In Arikok park and then visit it. You will never forget this Caribbean honeymoon.




Lavertezzo, Switzerland

Lavertezzo is very popular in Switzerland. Most houses here have the rustic appearance and are more than 400 years. There is a beautiful stone bridge, which was built in early 16th century Ponte-dei-Salti. And there are a lot of nice restaurants, where you can taste the best dishes of national cuisine.




Kefalonia, Greece

See the famous Melissani underground cave with an inner lake is incredibly deep blue. Interesting detail is the mountain Enos National Park has all the conditions for spending the night with a tent. The most popular beach of Myrtos is so picturesque that served as the backdrop for the Hollywood film “Captain Corelli’s Choice.” You can visit ancient monasteries in the mountains. You will rest perfectly in the wonderful Greek beaches and enjoy visiting interesting places. It is a great honeymoon idea.

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Seychelles islands

Choosing the honeymoon island, turn your attention to Seychelles. Take a selfie here, at the archipelago in the state of Victoria. Visit the most beautiful equatorial forests around the Indian Ocean. Try to find the pirate treasure in the city of Bel Ombre, it will definitely save the unforgettable memories. Eat at the restaurant Kaz Kred and drink the infusion of lemon balm.





Brazil – is very popular honeymoon spot. Here area a few popular beaches, whereyou can enjoy for crisp blue water, bundas grandes, or just a good relaxing experiencing. Rio de Janeiro is on another level. With rising hills spreading the city towards the coast one can find amazing hiking opportunities. The culture and arts in the Cinelandia district would definitely to be explored.





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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In 2018