5 Gorgeous Mermaid Hair Ideas

  No matter your style or personality, there is a mermaid hair look that was made for you. Pick contrasting shades or go for colors that are right next to each other on the color chart. Get ready to apply your love for color to your hair.
Mermaid Hair Ideas

 Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a feast for the eyes. Below you will find very soft and delicate versions of multi-tone pastel hair as well as bright and bold hair color solutions.

#1: Fantastical Hues and Curls

The overall success of this look owes to a few key elements. The hair was dyed darker at the top. A variety of soft contrasting colors was chosen. Plus, every single color goes good with gray. (The gray ends are what tie it all together). Warning, this isn’t one we recommend for DIY!

#2: Pastel Periwinkle and Platinum Locks

Dyeing hair in pastel colors is fun. However, to get this mermaid hair color the strands need to be bleached. Make sure the stylist will take all precautions and minimize the damage for your strands. Also, remember about home treatment. Don`t be afraid to ask your stylist what to do with your hair after such an aggressive procedure.

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#3: Gritty Gray Twisted Locks

Mermaid colormelt on your hair is the perfect way to show off your grungy soul. Nope, this trend is not all sand dollars and sunshine. Punky girls are welcome, too. Dye the roots in a darker shade and start the pink and purple strands at different places, finishing with gray. For styling, curl the midshaft but leave the ends straight.

#4: Platinum Braid with Candy Colored Highlights

Bright colors attract you, but you can`t decide on one exact color to dye your hair? Choose them all! Pastel and neon shades, thin or chunky highlights… the variants are endless. You must remember the only one rule: choose those hair tones, which suit your base.

#5: Steel to Pastel Blue Ombre

This is a gorgeous take on the gray trend. Lavender and pastel blue don’t make a stark contrast, but complement each other perfectly. If pink or red hair isn’t your thing, but you still want to try pastel hair, this is a very beautiful idea of romantic hair.

 Now that you’ve had your fill of mermaid hair inspiration, close your eyes. Envision your inner siren, especially if she’s not what you might have expected! Whether you DIY or go to a salon, have fun and plan ahead.

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5 Gorgeous Mermaid Hair Ideas