12 Most Important Things to Know Before Going On a Road Trip

A road trip is a travel dream of many. Taking to the open road is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust. Wanderers, holiday-makers, and those in search of a dream. People have been setting out on road trips for years and having incredible experiences. You too can have the experience of an awesome road trip. Whether you plan to take a short weekend road trip, or an epic cross country adventure, this article can provide you with useful and interesting tips to make your trip completely memorable. The tips contained in these pages can help you be prepared for the trip of a lifetime, and with preparedness comes security. Being ready for your trip will keep things running smooth and help you and your traveling mates remain relaxed and happy while on the road.

Have you ever wondered how to go about planning a road trip? Are you anxious to take a road trip, but worried about things going wrong? Do you want to learn how to plan a road trip that is both relaxing and adventurous?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you…

1. Plan for Trouble Spots
Depending on where you’ll be travelling, know what spots will be heavily trafficked, and have a plan for avoiding big city rush hours if possible. Planning ahead for these trouble spots will keep your ride smooth and stress free.

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2. Research What Highways are Most Scenic
Don’t be afraid to head off the beaten path. Especially if your road trip timeframe allows, these generally slower-moving roads can offer some of the most beautiful scenery. On a road trip, you’ll want to take time to traverse these beautiful roadways.

3. Get a Pre-trip Car Check
This is one of the most important elements of a road trip. Book an appointment for a pre-trip car check a few weeks before setting out. Let the mechanic know you’re going on a long distance trip, and they can make sure all your fluids are good and that everything in the vehicle is in top condition.

4. Rent a Car for a Great Alternative
If you can afford it, you can avoid putting wear and tear on your family vehicle by renting a car for the duration of the trip. This is also a great option if you’re looking to take a roomier vehicle for you and your travelling companions.

4. Bring Multiple Drivers
If possible, travel with others who have driver’s licenses and can share the responsibility. It alleviates the pressure of having only one driver and can allow you to go further distances each day.

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5. Emergency Kit in Trunk
Pack an emergency kit in your trunk. Depending on the season, this could include cold weather emergency items or general car maintenance gear. Don’t head out on the road without a spare tire, tire jack, flashlights, extra batteries, handheld gas canister, and jumper cables.

6. Join AAA
It’s an excellent idea to sign up for a service like AAA before beginning your adventure. In the event of a breakdown or other car trouble, AAA is just a phone call away and they can provide you with all kinds of services. A membership will also qualify you for discounts and some hotels and restaurants.

7. Clean Car Before Trip
Give your car a nice scrub before departure. A clean car will make for happy passengers, and you’ll also make sure that your items are well organized for the trip. Vacuum the carpets and give the steering wheel and dashboard a quick wipe down. You’ll feel fresh and new!

8. Keep Car Clean During Trip
A car can get very messy during a long road trip. Have everyone in the car pitch in throughout the trip to keep the car looking good and feeling less cramped. Collect trash often and never miss an opportunity to use a trash can at a gas station.

9. Assign Road Trip Tasks to Non-drivers
Let those who aren’t driving have responsibilities. This gives everyone a job to do and keeps the trip running smoothly. Someone can be in charge of trash collection and disposal, another can be the playlist or music master. Still another traveler can assume the role of navigator.

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10. Keep Your Itinerary Open
It’s great to have an itinerary, but keep it loose! Remember that many things can affect your trip: traffic, road closures, hotel problems, getting lost, etc. You also might be intrigued to change your plans or direction. Stay flexible and remember that this is an adventure!

11. Don’t Rely Solely on GPS
GPS is a wonderful invention, but even computers can make mistakes! If your instinct tells you the GPS is wrong, it’s ok to follow your instinct. Also, GPS systems don’t always account for road closures or detours. At these times, rely on maps or even directions from locals if necessary.

12. Bring Extra Car Phone Chargers
Heaven forbid your cell phone charger breaks! You want to make sure you have a method to boost your car’s battery in the car, and it’s not a bad idea to bring extra chargers as well. Make sure you can keep your phone powered up at all times, in case of emergency.

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12 Most Important Things to Know Before Going On a Road Trip